Microclair Hydrophobic lens treatment


4.50 € / 15.54  Lt

  • Highly water repellent formulation, it prevents water from leaving streaks which can interfere with vision.
  • Oleophobic technology, it creates a smudge-resistant barrier that repels dirt, water and oil from lenses, making it easier and faster to clean your lenses.
  • Enhanced antistatic properties to repel dust and ensure lenses to stay cleaner longer. Safe to use with all types of lenses and coatings including polycarbonate. Won’t weaken polycarbonate and other types of thermoplastics materials. Efficient on all kinds of lens coatings, but not recommended for mirror or iridium finish.
  • One application can last a long time; we generally recommend applying weekly. An average 15ml bottle can last about 3 months or more if used daily. Treatment can be completely removed by washing with water and soap, leaving the treated lens as it was previously. Rigorously lab tested and tested by professional athletes for their efficiency.

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