Microclair Antifog lens treatment


6.10 € / 21.06  Lt

Microclair recently developed its innovative Anti-fog lens treatment as a response to a real need to avert the
fogging and remove visibility difficulties.
Indeed research showed us that 1.2 billion eyewear users are interested in an anti-fog solution because they
suffer from “the white wall effect” on their lenses due to perspiration, temperature changes and relative
The idea of this Anti-fog lens treatment is to preserve vapor moisture from gathering on your lens. It works by
reducing surface tension of the lens resulting in water droplets being unable to form; instead they spread as
a thin transparent film of water across the entire lens surface so you can see through. It provides therefore for
a temporary fog-resistant layer to prevent fog from impairing your vision.
Common applications for this Anti-fog lens treatment include prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses
and goggles. It is formulated to be safe and efficient on all types of lens material and finishing.
An important part of this Anti-fog lens treatment is making sure the solution is applied correctly and with the
appropriate frequency.

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